A Tool to Build & Benchmark Your VC Platform Strategy

  • Content: Usually focused on brand building and establishing topical thought leadership, typically written content or podcasts to share opinions and best practices around relevant topics, sometimes educational in nature.
  • Fellowships and XIRs: Programs focused on engaging individuals who have unique skills and receive support, space, programming, and/or funding in exchange for supporting the firm and portfolio companies.
  • Incubators and Office Space: Free office space provided by firms to individuals or early stage companies, sometimes accompanied with organized programming, mentorship, funding, and curricula.
  • Events and Workshops: Small private dinners, workshops, social events, community events, social events, webinars, and more to support and engage a firm’s portfolio companies and the broader startup ecosystem.
  • Online Forums and Platforms: These include email listservs, slack channels, social network groups, and sometimes custom-built online platforms organized for a firm’s portfolio companies or functional peer groups to provide them with resources and a community of contributors for peer support.
  • Expert Networks: Typically highly curated groups of experienced executives and entrepreneurs who act as mentors or advisors for portfolio companies as needed, sometimes with the potential to recruit them for executive roles.
  • Corporate Relations: Relations with decision makers at Fortune 500 companies to connect to portfolio companies as potential customers and strategic partners.
  • Talent: Efforts to help portfolio companies hire qualified individuals to join their companies, including direct recruiting support as well as providing training and resources that support their hiring priorities.
  • Expertise as a Service: Internal consulting and service-based organizations that provide design, finance, marketing, strategy, etc. services for free or for a fee to portfolio companies from functional subject matter experts that provide tactical support beyond what lead investors typically provide as board members.
  • Stage 1: Informal & Ad Hoc
  • Stage 2: Unified & Informal
  • Stage 3: Formal
  • Stage 4: Dedicated & Validated
Example VC Platform Strategy Matrixes generated using the interactive tool

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Cory Bolotsky

Cory Bolotsky

Writing about all things community, talent and platform in venture capital. Former executive recruiter at True Search & Head of Platform at Underscore VC.